What obstacles in my life do I need God’s grace to overcome so as to live in freedom?

Zacchaeus overcame three obstacles to encounter Jesus.

  • The obstacle of being rejected – Zacchaeus risked being around those who hate him and reject him because he wanted to see Jesus.
  • The obstacle of shame – Jesus enters our lives as we are. He is not embarrassed with something that isn’t perfect or something that is awkward.
    In shame, we think that WE are something wrong. In truth, we make mistakes, but we aren’t mistakes. We have defects of character, but we also have assets of character. We make bad choices, but we aren’t bad people.
  • The obstacle of the grumblers – Whose voice are you listening to? Why do we allow people to occupy space in our head when they don’t even pay rent. Listen to the voice of Jesus. What is Jesus calling you to today? Be concerned with what God thinks.

Do I face these obstacles in my decision to have an encounter with Jesus? Or, do I have obstacles to my decision to maintain my relationship with Jesus?

Why did Jesus come among us? He came to seek and save the lost. That is you and that is me. Jesus passes through town with intentionality. He comes to where we are because he wants to meet us. Jesus is passing through our churches this Sunday.

Will I avail myself of an encounter with him? Will I avail myself of receiving the graces that I need in my life to overcome the obstacles in my life?

Lord Jesus, come into the house of my life today. I don’t want to be sick anymore.