The Priesthood is in Crisis – We’re Changing that!

Become a Priest

“Catholics do not understand the nature of the priesthood, and we are bleeding our priests dry.”*

*Modern Priesthood is Killing Our Priests by Jenna McDonald

39 years ago, Fr. Bob Bedard founded a new Community of Catholic priests that is thriving!

(42 priests, 2 Bishops)

The Companions of the Cross are transforming the modern-day priesthood and we’re doing it by the power of the Holy Spirit and with your support!

What does it Mean to Adopt-A-Priest?

The Companions model for the priesthood is different… As brothers living in community, we seek to witness to the joy of serving Christ by enthusiastically apprenticing one another in our leadership skills – this requires strategically investing in ongoing leadership training.

What is involved in adopting a Companion of the Cross?

  • Spiritual Adoption – receive a prayer card and pray for your CC priest daily.
  • Financial Support – $30 monthly or $360 annually.
    (see how your gift is used below)

“We believe in a Church that is explosively alive. And, for the Church to become explosively alive, the priesthood needs to also be explosively alive today.”

-Fr. Simon Lobo, CC

You can adopt a CC priest by clicking on the button below. 

Meet the Priests

adopt-a-priest today

What does your gift support?

Leadership Training
Adoption enables each priest to receive invaluable ongoing formation, especially in leadership training.
First Year Apprenticeship
We invest a great deal of time and financial resources in ensuring that each newly ordained priest gets proper and effective leadership training through apprenticeship. They take on the role of third priest in a CC parish for their first year of ministry.
Thriving Priests
An adopter’s continuing support will help make him the best priest he can be… a thriving priest!
Effective Ministry
The effectiveness of our ministry is a direct result of the ongoing formation and leadership training we receive. 
Director of Ongoing Formation
Did you know that we have a Director of Ongoing Formation? Fr. Bryan Sabourin, CC journeys with priests after they are ordained continuing the formation they received during seminary.

The CCs invest a significant amount of time and finances in the formation of our priests. 

The fruit of this dynamic and wholistic formation program is priests who are leading our Church to be Explosively Alive! Check it out at