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Companions of the Cross

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Jesus Redeems

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Whatever we bring to Jesus he has to power to redefine and redeem. Close the distance to the cross. Surrender before him whatever causes disappointment. He wants to enter into...

Fr. Bryan Sabourin

What in your life and faith does God want to resurrect?

Homily /  

What a difference between the Gospel and the Passion Narrative today. We started in such a
celebratory mood, singing Hosanna; this was victory! But how quickly that became...

Fr. Francis Ching, CC Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: What should we do with our palm branches?

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Traditionally, the palm branches of this year is burned to prepare for the ashes for next year’s Ash Wednesday. Where this is still practiced, branches should be returned to...

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What God Sees

Homily /  

The Lord's heart bursts with love for us!

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

Catholicism Lite

Homily /  

“You cannot take away from the words of Christ. No Catholicism lite; just pure and simple Catholicism.”

Hockey Game

SHMS vs. Companions of the Cross Homemade Cup 2019

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Great game yesterday between the Companions of the Cross and the seminarians of Sacred Heart!

Fr. Bernard Messier CC

If we say yes to God

Homily /  

I eluded the call to priesthood for many years because I knew saying yes to God would mean saying no to many of my own pursuits. But when I said yes to my own pursuits I said...

Fr. Lawrence Hyginus Portrait

Jesus Wants to Forgive Us

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Click here to listen to the homily.

The purpose of Lent is growing deeper in...

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Which Translation of the Bible?

Homily /  

Fr. Mark breaks down which translations of the Bible he uses the most and how he uses them.