Built Differently

2023-2024 Seminarian Appeal

We are building a different kind of priest… for a different kind of Church.

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“As through history, when God wants to effect change, he looks around for some people who are willing to do whatever he says. To those he finds he gives a vision, a way to make changes. We believe we’ve caught something of what God is saying to the Church about the priesthood in our day. That’s why he’s sending the men.”

(Reflections of a Veteran Priest, p.146)

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We are Built Differently

A community of priests built upon Fr. Bob’s vision for renewing the priesthood and the Church.

“Our ultimate goal is to produce priests who are happy, healthy, and holy – emotionally mature, pastorally engaging, intellectually balanced, and spiritually alive in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
-Fr. John Vandenakker, CC


  • Built to be Courageous
  • Built to be Bold
  • Built to be Led by the Holy Spirit
  • Built to Evangelize
  • Built to Empower and Equip Missionary Disciples
  • Built to be Brothers
  • Built to be Companions of the Cross.

“It is an exciting time to be a priest.”
(Fr. Bob Bedard, CC Founder)

Our Seminarians

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Duli Amarasingha 
Eran Amarasingha
John Brundage
Matthew Conner
Gabriel Gauthier 
Karl Hartman
Michael Horianopoulos
Manas Khurana
Goerge Leberio
Matthew Marin
Daniel Mendonsa
Sebastian Muggeridge
Joel Sauve
Tim Silver

“There is a cost to serving the Lord as a priest. But it is not something that we have to do alone. It is something that we get to do together.”

-Fr. Bryan Sabourin, CC