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Companions of the Cross

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

Food is a Great Servant but an Awful Master

Homily /  

Food is a gift from God. It is good. It is meant to serve us. It is an awful master.

Fr. Francis Ching celebrating Mass

Ask Fr. Francis: How should I comprehend the story of Pharaoh's hardened heart?

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“As I mentioned elsewhere, the Old Testament cannot be understood fully without the revelation of the New Testament, and so sometimes the wording in the Old Testament, in order...

Fr. Pierre Ingram Portrait

Do Something Great!

Homily /  

“He wants to do something great in us, for our sake. That something great is what happens when God's nature and human nature come together in perfect union. It is called the...

Fr. Tim Devine Portrait

Pass the Mustard

Homily /  

“But do we believe? Do we believe that these small things can actually grow into something big and amazing? If we really trust in God, that is what happens.”

Fr. Charles Orchard Portrait

When we Choose... The Kingdom Grows

Homily /  

“Decision by decision, act of love by act of love, it grows. Take stock of the good things God is able to do through us and give glory to God for it!”

Video Screen Shot

What Motivates the Mission?

Homily /  

“We have got to become a Church on mission.”

Fr. Allan MacDonald Portrait

Where Are You?

Homily /  

God asks us in a loving way, "Where are you?" God wants to be part of our life.

Fr. Francis Ching Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: Is there a gluten free option for the Eucharist?

Article /  

“The reason is that for the consecration to be valid, the host must be made of wheat. Gluten free hosts have no wheat in it at all and so cannot be consecrated.”

Dan Potvin Portrait

Body and Blood of Christ

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“We come to Mass in gratitude for the abundant blessings in our lives. With God’s grace, we leave growing in gratitude and strengthened by the real presence of Jesus in the...