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Please find our Book Store below. With books written by Fr. Bob Bedard, CC, Fr. Mark Goring, CC, Fr. Simon Lobo, CC, and Fr. Francis Frankovich, we are sure you’ll find a book to accompany you on your spiritual journey.

“Don’t neglect your spiritual reading. Reading has made many saints.”

St. Josemaria Escriva

“Spiritual reading is one of the best means of keeping the fire burning in your heart.”

Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Books by Fr. Bob Bedard, CC Founder

We are Called to be Companions of the Cross
The principal insights the Lord seems to be giving to the Companions of the Cross – trusting the Lord, giving him permission to move as he pleases, being available to him, waiting upon him, wisdom, evangelization, all these and more – are vital components, it is felt, of the Lord’s own plan to renew his Church in our day.
The Catholic Disciple
The Catholic Disciple is a foundational book that inspires all who desire to grow in faith and live as a true disciple of Christ. Fr. Bob Bedard presents the basic truths of our faith in a relatable, humorous, and clear way. 
Give God Permission
The memoirs of Fr. Bob Bedard, CC, founder of the Companions of the Cross, spiritual father to many, and a pioneer in the New Evangelization.
Evangelization – A Challenge for the Catholic Church
Fr. Bob Bedard, CC was convicted to the core that “our highest priority as a Church must be the ministry of evangelization. And that mission is for all of us…” He was a courageous pioneer in the New Evangelization and Parish Renewal. 

Book by Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Treasure in Heaven: Journal Edition
Treasure in Heaven is a prayer journal designed to help kick start your prayer life. It’s perfect for those who have never prayed before and those who have fallen out of the habit of daily prayer. It’s 40 days long and the perfect start for a daily prayer life.
Smaller pocket-sized versions of Treasure in Heaven are available by contacting the Companions of the Cross main office:
St. Joseph the Protector
A nine-day preparation for entrustment to St. Joseph. After the Blessed Virgin Mary, there is no saint in the Catholic Church who is more highly honoured than St. Joseph. This little book will help readers learn more about the foster father of Jesus. It is also a guide for preparing readers to entrust themselves to St. Joseph.
Hold My Beer
Six people escape the apocalyptic Media Reset. A great adventure!
You’re Not a Chicken
In His Zone
“I decided I would put myself in a situation of more radical solitude… I would build a raft. I would spend eight days on this raft with only a few basic items. The raft would be on a secluded lake in the woods where I would be sure to not have any human contact… I wanted to see if these principles were as effective as I thought them to be.”

Books by Fr. Simon Lobo, CC

Divine Renovate Apprentice
Transforming a parish is challenging, demanding, and sometimes messy work. Divine Renovation Apprentice, Fr. Simon Lobo breaks open his experience as an associate pastor working on the renewal of St. Benedict Parish in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the birthplace of Divine Renovation. With honesty, humility, and great clarity, Fr. Simon offers his personal reflections on the actual process of renovation with practical wisdom critical to anyone who wants to see their parish experience new life. More than simply a biographical account of the change at St. Benedict, this book contains insights on how to Change Culture, Build a Game Plan, and Develop Leaders for lasting parish change.
Divine Renovation Apprentice is a part of series of books published by Divine Renovation focusing on parish renewal. You can also purchase Divine Renovation, Divine Renovation Beyond the Parish, and Unlocking Your Parish: Making Disciples, Raising Up Leaders with Alpha.
Preaching on Purpose
(By: Fr. Simon Lobo, CC & Fr. Alex Colautti, CC)
The need for strategic preaching that pierces hearts, inspires personal conversion to Jesus, unleashes missionary disciples, and helps the parish to break out of maintenance has never been greater. While part of our growth as preachers only comes through experience, as a Church we can ill afford the time it takes, and the missed opportunities for disciple-making, for each preacher to figure it out from scratch. This book provides a compelling analysis of our post-Christendom context and its implications for preaching the Gospel today. It is also a practical handbook that provides concrete guidance and insights from four experienced preachers so that our preaching might bear the fruit of transformed lives.

Books by Fr. Francis Frankovich, CC

Forgiving From the Heart
Have you ever felt upset because God permitted some evil(s) to occur in your life? Did it seem that He did not care for you or help you even when you cried out for His help? Or do you have sins that you just cannot believe God could forgive? You keep living with the guilt of what you did wrong or are continually trying to forget or cover over your sins, convinced that you could never be free from the guilt of what you did. Then there are the offences of others that you would rather just ignore or try to forget.
In this book, you will find some insights for the above situations that, when applied to your life, can bring you to the freedom that the grace of God provides in Christ Jesus. These are so essential for the physical and spiritual well being needed to live the abundant life that Jesus offers and to love others as He loves us.

Books by Bp. Scott McCaig, CC

Clothed with Power from On High: A short Catechesis on Charisms in the Life and Mission of the Church
The Holy Spirit is on the move throughout the Church! In this ground-breaking new book, Bishop Scott McCaig brings much-needed clarity to the important topic of charisms in the life and mission of the Church. He reveals how charisms are part of God’s plan for the whole Church and for each and every Christian, and are the means by which we fulfill the great commission Jesus has given us. This short catechesis provides a rich guide for anyone desiring to understand or deepen their experience of God’s gifts.

Books by Fr. John Vandenakker, CC

Advice Practical and Spiritual for New Priests
A book of practical and spiritual advice for new priests, to help them meet various challenges they will face in their ordained ministry. Useful for seminarians too. Contains many stories from my own life as priest, as well as some of the pastoral wisdom of Fr. Bob Bedard.