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“I see the Church waking up and coming explosively alive to the point where it, with the power of the Holy Spirit, will shake the earth and nations with its dynamic presence.”
–Fr. Bob Bedard, CC Founder

Our Vision

A passionate missionary Church transforming the world.

Our Mission

We are a community of Catholic priests inviting people to know Jesus and empowering them to share Jesus.

We are passionate about our mission of Evangelization and Parish renewal. We are inspired by the conviction that God is real, alive, and desires to be powerfully active in the life of the Church and in every one of her members.

“We see ourselves pastoring parishes to revival and discipling people to the Lord, to his Church, and to its ministry, and sending them out to bear witness to the Gospel in the marketplace.”

-Fr. Bob Bedard, CC Founder


As Companions of the Cross, We proclaim Christ Crucified…the Power of God and the Wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:23-24) 

Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection saved the world. Therefore, we fully commit ourselves to him, seek his will in all we do and trust in his power to carry it out.

Men of the Eucharist
When we celebrate the Eucharist, Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross is made present to us today. Therefore, we live and promote a deep reverence for our Eucharistic Lord.
Truly Devoted to Mary
As Jesus gave us his mother to be our mother at the cross, so we consecrate ourselves entirely to him through her.
Loyal to the Magisterium
To fulfill the Father’s will, Jesus founded the Church. We are to be loyal to the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Church (its official teaching authority), a loyalty that will be lived out in obedience to our local bishop.
Empowered by the Holy Spirit
Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit with charisms (gifts) to build up the Church. We seek to be completely surrendered to the actions of the Holy Spirit within us, and open to receiving any spiritual gifts the Lord might want to give us.

“I am convinced that our priority as priests must be to see what God is doing and to minister to that.”

-Fr. Bob Bedard, CC Founder

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We base ourselves on the model of Jesus and his disciples, who lived together, ministered together, and supported one another.

As a brotherhood that desires to grow in the Lord, our life together consists of caring for each other daily.

Community formation and fellowship are central to who we are, the fruits of which include:


  • A brotherhood that supports & inspires our priests, seminarians, and young men considering the priesthood.
  • Effective evangelization that reaches youth & those fallen away from the Church.
  • Increased renewal in faith communities through empowering lay leaders for ministry.

“The unity of our life together will authenticate the Gospel we proclaim and give it power.”

-Fr. Bob Bedard, CC