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The New Evangelization requires priests who are bold and courageous leaders.

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To be a Companion of the Cross means to follow Christ all the way to Calvary, to stand faithfully with him by the Cross. 

Being a Companion of the Cross isn’t your idea. It is God’s.  

If you believe in your heart that God is calling you to be a priest, get in touch with us.

Get in touch with our vocations director, Fr. Alex Colautti, CC.

Come Follow Me

As Companions of the Cross, we desire to respond generously to the call, which goes forth in each generation, to follow and proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

We cannot effectively respond to this call alone, but only through an authentic sharing of our life together in community as brothers in the Lord. At the heart of our charism are two primary and inseparable components: evangelization and the common life. 

We form disciples of Christ called to be ministers of the Gospel through the priesthood and we form men called to authentic fraternal life in community. 

As brothers, we don’t simply share a roof or an address – we share our lives. We know that before we can do anything together, we have to be something together.
Being a Companion of the Cross isn’t easy, but in the community, you will encounter other Simons of Cyrene who will help you carry your cross if you both admit and accept your own, and if you ask for help and allow your brothers to help you.
We desire to fully receive the grace of the new Pentecost, to become familiar with all the ways of the Holy Spirit, and to exercise all of the particular charisms he may wish to give us.
Mary is the first and perfect Companion of the Cross. We desire to imitate her as the model of Christian discipleship and to honour her as our Mother and Queen.
Our main charism as a community is the New Evangelization, to which St. John Paul II exhorted the whole Church. Those who join our community will not only learn the theory of evangelization, they will be equipped to practice it, and will gain hands-on experience throughout their years of formation.

“The unity of our life together will authenticate the Gospel we proclaim and give it power!”

Fr. Bob Bedard, CC Founder

Get in touch with our vocations director, Fr. Alex Colautti, CC.