Where is Your Nineveh?

There is only one thing worth doing in this short life - God's will and his plan for our lives. We all have a Nineveh, a place we are called to go to proclaim God. We all need to discover our Nineveh. The Lord wants everyone of us to have an impact on a lot of people...


Click here to listen to the homily. Today, we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord.  This is an incredibly significant event in the history of salvation.  Jesus did not need to be baptized.  He is God.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us:...

Abide in Love

Agape love is truly altruistic. It is self giving love. It is the love in which we love for the sake of the other, for the good of the other. This is how God loves us. If we abide in God's love, our love for others will be perfected....

Fire in the Upper Zoom Room Virtual Retreat

Led by Frs. Allan, Ben, and Francis, we journey to the great feast of Pentecost. Join us from May 18-20 for a replay of our 2020 Pentecost Mission. *Watch it live or later.

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