Will I give the Lord permission to move in my life as He desires and use me as His witness?

Am I expecting the Lord Jesus to work according to my agenda? Do I want the Lord to perform miracles on my terms? Am I in any way limiting what the Lord is able to do in my life?

Have I tried to chain the Word of God in my own life? Have I tried to reduce its effect in my life? Am I, in any way, attempting to put chains on the Lord?

Do I recognize any ways in which I myself am chained? Do I desire to be free of those chains in my life? Maybe we have an unwillingness to give it up?

Am I willing to let the Lord Jesus free me of my fears so I can give my yes to the Lord?

We cannot overcome ourselves. We need a saviour and his name is Jesus. When we respond to the Word of God we are ourselves unchained and set free. Jesus has a plan for our lives to save us and bring us into an eternal encounter with with him.