Jesus is a way maker. If Jesus wants something to happen it will happen. Nothing stops him. He is a way maker.

He wants us to be obedient.

This applies to:

  • priests being obedient to their bishops,
  • wives being obedient to husbands,
  • husbands being obedient to wives,
  • children being obedient to parents,
  • parents being obedient to children.

We must be detachment from our own willfulness. God works through souls who are docile to the Spirit. A mature soul knows that God is a way maker. People of faith, who know the power of God.

A mature soul isn’t attached to his or her own ideas, will, or plans. We must be surrendered to the will of God. St. Faustina and St. Padre Pio were obedient. God works most powerfully through the obedient.

Always remember what God can do with five loaves and two fish. Sometimes, we underestimate what the Lord can do if we humbly surrender to him. The Lord works most powerfully through the humble, the meek, and the obedient.