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Welcome to my fundraiser page. Thank you for taking the time, I am glad you decided embark on this journey!. Thank you in advance for being a part of the mission of forming the future of the church. Here is a little bit of my Story:

I fell away from the church in my teen years but by the grace of God through the witness of young Catholics in my university, I was able to experience the love of God. This type of love led me to put Jesus at the center of my life. This has been the greatest decision I have ever made in my life. I never looked back since but only sought after God’s plan for my life because I knew that it was going to bring me the greatest fulfillment and Joy. I can certainly testify that this is true of my life today.

This brings us to where I am now, doing my best to respond to God’s call in my life everyday as a seminarian preparing for the priesthood:

I am currently finishing my third year of seminary formation with this amazing community. It has been such of gift to be on this journey. The formation has been really great for my growth as a Man, Disciple, Brother and as beloved Son of God.

I am really grateful for all of your support. This is making all the difference in in my life, the community and the Church.

May the peace of Christ be with you always,

Goerge Leberio

Goerge is the fourth of seven children. He has three brothers and three sisters. Goerge was born in Sudan and lived there until the age of seven. Then he moved with his family to Egypt. After living there for two years, they moved to Prince Albert Saskatchewan and lived there since. In 2019, he completed a bachelor’s in business economics from the University of Saskatchewan. Goerge got involved in various ministries in his church, such as youth ministry, a choir member and an Extra-Ordinary Eucharistic minister. He also was involved with CCO as a Faith Study leader. What is particularly interesting, to discern a possible call to our community Goerge spent the last year in the Spiritual Formation Program at Madonna House. Lastly, Goerge is an avid sportsman. He played in various leagues such as soccer, baseball and volleyball.

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