When we get stuck in a rut we can often turn to sin. We turn to food, alcohol, drugs, shows, etc. We pursue these things because we think they will help us get out of a rut.

Big sins, little sins, we are all addicted to sin in some way. Maybe it is impatience, anger, or gossip. In the end, sin leads to death.

The Good News is that Jesus is the Saviour. But, what does this mean?

Jesus wants to raise us up, just like he did for those in the Gospel. He wants to lift us out of the rut.

The only obstacle we face is that we don’t think we need to be saved by Jesus. Is Jesus a nice to have? Or, is he a need to have? If we don’t know how badly we need Jesus he can’t save us.

We will die in our sin if Jesus doesn’t come to rescue us. All it takes for him to rescue us is for us to ask.

If we cry out to Jesus we can have every confidence that we will be raised up on the last day.


Imagine priests who can lead parishes to explosive renewal! Liturgies are reverent and enthusiastic. Annointed and powerful preaching fills our churches. Souls are converted. This is Fr. Bob’s vision of the Church Explosively Alive.

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