We are preparing for someone who is very important who is coming. We are preparing for the coming dawn of Christ who will bring light, hope, purpose, and meaning.

The primary way we can prepare is through repentance. How do we prepare?

  • Examine your heart. Look deep within and take the time to be honest about the ways that we have offended God and hurt others.
  • Confess those sins.

Do whatever you can to prepare your heart. Take advantage of this opportunity. In humility go to confession this Advent.

Every saint is a forgiven sinner.

Our world says, everything is permitted and some things can’t be forgiven. Our God says, some things can’t be permitted and everything can be forgive.

Jesus is coming. Let’s do our utmost to prepare through repentance, overcome our pride, examine our hearts honestly, and confess our sins to the God who forgives.