Why does God permit problems?

God permits problems to demonstrate his power. However, he doesn’t just permit any problem. He only permits problems he intends a greater good out of. It doesn’t mean that he will remove the problem. But, he will use the problem.

Our problems are God’s opportunities.

All of us, at various times, will find ourselves in messy places. Jesus does not stand far away from the mess. He is willing to get into the messy parts of our lives in order to accomplish his healing. God is working in the background of your life to accomplish his work in you through your challenges, trials, and problems. He is drawing you to himself and he wants to open your eyes.

Jesus isn’t just satisfied with working a miracle. He wants a relationship.

Whatever problem you may be facing in your life right now, your problem cannot impede the power of God from working in your life. To God, your problem is not an obstacle. In fact, your problem is often the very means by which he will draw you to himself and reveal the kind of God he is.

It’s in prayer that we experience the power and the presence of God. It is in prayer that we obtain the perspective that we need on the problems in our lives, where our problems come into their proper position before the power and the glory of God.

Take this prayer into your prayer time.

Lord Jesus, open my eyes to see my weakness through your greatness.

This season of Lent, God will give you a new perspective on your problems. Your problem is not a problem for God.