Christ’s victory on the cross earned salvation for us. It is a gift! We have been given this gift. So, what is the daily wage?

Give God Permission. Wave the white flag of surrender. Role out the red carpet of welcome. Give God the green light of permission.

The white flag symbolizes surrender

Let God run your life for a while. Consciously choose to surrender your agenda, ideals, and priorities to God. Surrender to him and let him take charge of your life. Let him set the priorities.

Red Carpet symbolizes welcome

Someone important is coming. Welcome Christ by putting your lives in order. Do what he asks of you. Establish a prayer life. Celebrate the sacraments. Attend confession regularly. These are things we can do to make Christ welcome.

Green Light symbolizes giving him permission

Live with an expectant faith. Christ is who he says he is. He does the things he says he can do. Do you believe that? Do you believe that he can be part of your life, heal hurts and wounds, and make a difference? That is expectant faith. It makes a difference.

Give him permission. Surrender your agendas. Welcome him into your life. Have an expectant faith. He can bring about the renewal that we long for and be a witness in these troubled times.