We are always developing more fruitful ways to advance the CC’s mission. So, this Lent a new and exciting campaign is being launched. We simply want to keep you informed. And, if you feel inspired to participate, we are grateful. 

Before we begin, we want to acknowledge that many of you receiving this email have been donors for years, even decades, THANK YOU! 

Moreover, your prayers for the Companions priests and seminarians are felt and greatly appreciated.  

Last year we tried something different with our annual seminarian appeal. Rather than a costly direct mail campaign we went 100% digital. The result? It became the most successful campaign in the history of the Community.  

For 2023, we are innovating again and inviting lay faithful to join the priests and seminarians in building the future of the priesthood. Check out Dan’s video below… 

There are three ways to participate in the Building the Future campaign: 

  1. Pray for a successful campaign and for our seminarians 
  2. Donate in support of one of our seminarians 
  3. Adopt a seminarian by setting up your own digital fundraiser and invite your friends and family to support your seminarian. (To set up your own fundraiser, click here. For detailed instructions on setting up your fundraiser, click here.)

If this campaign resonates with you and you feel called and inspired to participate, we invite you to join us today! 

Enter for a chance to win $100!

Register for more information about our new Adopt-a-Seminarian campaign, and be entered in a draw for a chance to win a $100 amazon gift card. The Adopt-a-Seminarian campaign is a concrete and meaningful way for lay people to respond to the crisis in the priesthood and play an active role in renewing the priesthood.

*Registrants must be in North America.

You're entered! Check your email for more information on the Adopt-a-Seminarian campaign.