Homily begins at 18:00.

Advent is a season of waiting. This season invites us to regain or rediscover the gift of waiting. It is a time for us to breathe and encounter. We are invited to intentionally slow down and say no to some things and so we can say yes to others.

How do we wait well in this season of Advent?

  1. Make space – What are those things in your life that you can reduce or say no to?
  2. Spend more time in prayer – If we make space, we must be intentional about how we fill that space. How do we find ways to pray every day as a family or individually?
  3. Consider what type of spiritual formation you can take on – What can you do to be intentional in our spiritual growth?
  4. Don’t waste those times when we have to wait – Direct your gaze toward Jesus when we have to wait.

Let us wait well. Let us wait with joy.