H118-sideA – March 6, 1994 – Year B

Fr. Bob delivered this homily on the 3rd Sunday of Lent, March 6, 1994.

Do we understand the wisdom of the cross?

Jesus didn’t have to do it. But, he came to take our place. He went to the cross bearing the consequence of our sins.

Sin is simply doing it our own way instead of doing it God’s way. When we choose less than God’s way we are choosing death. Doing the will of God is the secret of everything. He has our best interest at heart and can see what is coming down the road for us.

The wisdom of the world says:

  • Take care of number one.
  • Get control of your life.
  • Be in charge of your life.
  • Have fun for heavens sake.
  • If it feels good it is good.

This is the wisdom of the world.

The problem with the wisdom of the world is that it doesn’t work.

Jesus promises joy. He din’t promise that we would feel good. He promised peace in our hearts and souls.

The wisdom of the cross beats up on the wisdom of the world every time.