About this Booklet

This booklet was originally published in celebration of the Year for Priests (“Anno Sacerdotale”) from June 2009 to June 2010. Pope Benedict XVI highlighted the “necessary, indeed indispensable, aspiration to moral perfection that must dwell in every authentically priestly heart.”

We encourage those who embrace this devotion to pray that all priests strive for “spiritual perfection, on which, above all, the effectiveness of their ministry depends” (Address to the Congregation for the Clergy, 16 March 2009).

This devotion recalls the Sorrows the Virgin Mother of God endured in compassion for the suffering and death of her Divine Son.

Meditations composed by Most Rev. Scott McCaig, CC. Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Canada and former General Superior of the Companions of the Cross Society of Apostolic Life.

Scripture texts in this work are taken from the New American Bible with Revised New Testament and Revised Psalms © 1991, 1986, 1970 Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Wash- ington, D.C. and are used by permission of the copyright owner. All Rights Reserved. No part of the New American Bible may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the copyright owner.


This devotion to Our Sorrowful Mother originated in the thirteenth century. It recalls the Sorrows the Virgin Mother of God endured in compassion for the suffering and death of her Divine Son.

The Litany of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady found at the end of this booklet was composed by Pope Pius VII (1740-1823) while held in captivity during the Napoleonic Wars.

These devotions are particularly appropriate for the spiritual children of Fr. Bob Bedard, CC, Founder of the Companions of the Cross.

We cultivate a profound devotion to the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ and to Our Lady, who at Calvary became the first companion of the Cross.


St. Bridget of Sweden (1303-1373) reported that Our Lady promised to grant seven graces to those who honor her and draw near to her and her Son every day by meditating on her dolors (sorrows):

  1. I will grant peace to their families.
  2. They will be enlightened about the divine Mysteries.
  3. I will console them in their pains and will accompany them in their work.
  4. I will give them as much as they ask for as long as it does not oppose the adorable will of my divine Son or the sanctification of their souls.
  5. I will defend them in their spiritual battles with the infernal enemy and I will protect them at every instant of their lives.
  6. I will visibly help them at the moment of their death – they will see the face of their mother.
  7. I have obtained this grace from my divine Son: that those who propagate this devotion to my tears and sorrows will be taken directly from this earthly life to eternal happiness, since all their sins will be forgiven and my Son will be their eternal consolation and joy.
How to pray the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows
  1. Pray the Introductory Prayers (on the medal or Cross).
  2. Announce the First Sorrow; then pray the Our Father.
  3. Pray seven Hail Mary’s while meditating on the Sorrow
  4. At the conclusion of each Sorrow, pray “Holy Mother hear my prayers, and renew in my heart each wound of Jesus my Savior.”
  5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 for all seven Sorrows.
  6. Pray three Hail Mary’s in honor of the tears of Our Sorrowful Mother (on the three final beads).
  7. Pray the Closing Prayers.
  8. You may also wish to pray the Litany of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady.