Why the cross?

It redefines the value of human life.

  • God is willing to pay the price of what is most precious to him for each of us. Look to the cross and see that Jesus is saying that you are worthy. 

The cross redefines power.

  • Within 300 years, the entire Roman Empire became christian. It shows us that true power lies in humility, obedience, service, and surrender. Whenever you feel like you have nothing left, look to the cross and know that it is when we are weak that we are strong. 

The cross redefines human suffering.

  • Whenever you suffer, you can bring your suffering to the cross and it takes on a new significance. In your suffering, there is Christ. 

The cross redefines the meaning of true love.

  • True love is concrete. It means self sacrifice. It means laying down ones life for the sake of another. Jesus gave the very last he had to give on the cross out of love for your and I. 

The cross redefines man’s relationship with God.

  • Man is no longer the primary actor in the drama. God himself initiates. Through the cross he shows extent to which he is willing to go in search of the heart of man. No matter where you find yourself today, we have a God who will go to the ends of the earth for you. 

Invite Jesus to speak the truth into every dimension of your life.