Do you want to be set free? Or, do you want to be chained? Allow the Holy Spirit to set you free from the chains that are keeping you bound.

The chains that bind us to sin can be broken. We can believe the truth about who God says we are. Here’s how you can invite God to break the chains in your life.

  1. Recognize the chains. Take time in silence to look for places where there are chains holding you back. “Holy Spirit reveal to me where these chains are. Reveal to me where I am stuck.” Then, write it down.
  2. Remember who you are. You are a child of God.
  3. Renounce the lies. Take out the garbage that Satan has tried to introduce into your life.Renouncing means a formal rejection of something you used to have.
  4. Receive the truth. Allow God to speak his truth over you and accept it.

Do you believe that Jesus can set you free? Take time in prayer to allow the Gospel to set us free.