Syrenne, Fr. Marc

What was your background before you joined the CC?
Before I joined the CC’s I had been working as a Diocesan Youth Director for the Diocese of Gravelbourg for three years. Prior to this I was with National Evangelization Teams Ministry in the United States for two years. And before that I had a wide variety of jobs from working as a sitter on a psychiatric ward to working in a uranium mine in northern Saskatchewan.

What led you to join this community?
I first heard of the CC when I was with NET Ministries. After returning to Canada I felt a call to the priesthood. I was working by this time with the Diocese of Gravelbourg as their Youth Director. The bishop there wanted me to join the diocese but I really wanted to check out the CC’s first.  I knew that the CC’s were charismatic in their spirituality which was a huge drawing card for me. I have been involved in the charismatic renewal since I was thirteen years old. So the Charismatic pillar of the CC’s was very exciting for me. I wanted to be in a community that not only accepted my spirituality but lived it themselves. To be where your spirituality is understood and not made fun of was so important to me. Also important to me was the living together for mutual support. I knew that I needed brothers of like mind who would challenge me to strive to live a holy life. I saw this in many aspects of the CC’s especially in regards to share groups. These are small groups of CC’s who gather every two weeks to share with their brothers how things are going in their personal lives. I saw and continue to see this as an extremely important part of my walk with the Lord and my call to be a Companions of the Cross. He has blessed me in my brothers and hopefully has blessed my brothers through me.

What kind of ministry are you doing now?
I am currently serving as Director of 1st Year Applicancy at Assumption Farm.

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