St. Croix, Fr. Ben

May 9, 2001

What was your background before you joined the CC?
I was born in Kenora, Ontario, which is a small town in northwestern Ontario on Lake of the Woods. I grew up in a Catholic home and was raised in the faith with regular Mass attendance. During my teen years, I became caught up ‘in the world’ and drifted away from God until my early twenties. I rediscovered his faith, after being evangelized by my father, who is currently a deacon. 

What led you to join this community?
As I began sharing his re-conversion story, it became evident that God was calling me into a deeper relationship. My aunt was instrumental in guiding me towards the Companions of the Cross. The Lord provided an opportunity to speak with Fr. Bob, who quickly discerned that the Companions of the Cross was a good fit. I joined the CC community in 1993.

What kind of ministry are you doing now?
I have had a number of ministry experiences, ranging from campus ministry to parish work, however, my passion is for evangelization and forming disciples for mission. Currently, I am working on missions . I am also assisting with the establishment of a new community of religious sisters in Ottawa, Ontario, called the Queenship of Mary Community.