Lowe, Fr. Jim

During the summer of 1973 in Oak Park, Michigan, the four children of Mary and Richard Lowe approached their mother and said, “we want a baby”.  She replied, “Oh no, I am too old to have another baby”.  They replied, “well then, we will pray for a baby”.  Shortly  thereafter, the prayers of these children were answered; Fr. Jim Lowe was conceived.  He was raised in Troy, Michigan.  


His last job before entering seminary was coordinator of youth ministry at St. John Vianney Catholic Church in Houston, Texas.

It was while ministering in Houston that Fr. Jim encountered the Companions of the Cross at the Catholic Charismatic Center. It was during this time that his call to the priesthood became much stronger. He began to develop a deeper desire for prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, a greater devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, an enthusiastic love for the charismatic renewal, and a craving for the Church’s teachings. When he read the book, “We are called to be Companions of the Cross”, he knew in his heart this community of priests was the will of the Lord for his life. To his surprise, when he showed up at the airport in Ottawa, the founder of the community, Fr. Bob Bedard, welcomed him at the gate. What an impressive witness of humility!

He was ordained a priest in Ottawa, Ontario, on June 11th, 2011 by Archbishop Prendergast.  His first assignment was as an Associate Pastor at St. Mary’s Parish in Ottawa, Ontario.  This was a very rich experience since St. Mary’s Parish is where the Companions of the Cross were founded in 1985.  His second assignment was at Queen of Peace Parish in Houston, Texas.  Queen of Peace is a bilingual parish with a 75% Spanish speaking and 25% English speaking community.  His third assignment was as the Head Chaplain of the Wayne State University Catholic Chaplaincy in Detroit.  His current assignment is Priest in Solidum of the One in the Spirit Family of Parishes in Detroit with primary responsibility of two parishes, St. Scholastica Parish and Corpus Christi Parish. He also served as Director of Vocations and Admissions for the Companions of the Cross.