Donahue, Fr. Terry

What was your background before you joined the CC?
After graduating from MIT with a degree in Computer Science, I worked for five years as a computer programmer in northern California. As a result of my involvement with Marian prayer groups and the Charismatic renewal, I also spend a year in full-time youth evangelization leading a small lay community that offered retreats for young people.

What led you to join this community?
After running away from the idea of the priesthood for a couple of years I prayed my first honest prayer about my vocation: “Lord, if you want me to be a priest, give me the desire to be a priest.” When I visited the Companions of the Cross I was struck by men of strong Christian character who lived together, prayed together and evangelized together. After seeing the priesthood lived out in community, I was excited about the idea of the priesthood and realized that the Lord had answered my prayer. The spirituality of the Companions resonated with my own: centered on Christ crucified, Jesus in the Eucharist, devotion to Mary openness to the Holy Spirit and faithfulness to the Magisterium.

What kind of ministry are you doing now?
I was ordained to the priesthood June 10, 2000. I am currently serving with the formation team for the Companions of the Cross.