Campbell, Fr. Ruben

My name is Fr. Rubé​n Campbell. How can I describe my experience with the Companion of the Cross?

When I think about my vocation, a lot of ideas come to mind. During my childhood, I remember pretending to celebrate masses with my brothers and sisters, and I also remember when I asked my father to buy a bible for me – that was amazing! But I think the Lord has always had a plan for me. Even though at times I rebelled against the Lord’s call, his grace was always present in me.

Before arriving at this wonderful place, some important events contributed to my personal discernment and led me to answer with a ‘Yes’ to the call of the Lord. As our Blessed Mother, I have learned to take steps of faith. Abraham did the same thing when “he left his land without knowing where he was going…”(Heb 11:8). This is how I made the decision to abandon myself into God’s arms.

What motivated me to take that step of faith? My love for God and the desire to know His divine will. I participated in a Life In The Spirit seminar 30 years ago and I had a powerful encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ. Then, I committed myself to the Lord by teaching, preaching, establishing and leading prayer groups in my diocese in Mexico; but, there was something missing in my heart. I was hungering to give myself to God and to serve Him. I heard about the community of the Companions of the Cross and when I read about them, I found what I was longing for. I left my country and I came to Canada.

“My experience has been a challenge, but I have found myself and I have faced God. Why? Because it has meant putting my life again in God’s hands and to allow Him to mold me, transform me. My role has changed from leader to disciple, from teacher to student. In few words, I am learning to serve.”

My life of prayer has improved. I used to be a perfectionist. Thanks be to God, I have received inner healing and I am learning to love me, to forgive me and to understand that only God is perfect. Now I understand that I am loved, forgiven and redeemed. I think the Lord permitted me to live this experience to prepare me for priesthood and to teach me to be like Him: compassionate, merciful and patient. He is also teaching me to embrace the cross with an undivided heart.

I know that the challenge to love God and serve his people is the most important step in my life.

I am currently serving as the pastor of Queen of Peace Parish in Houston, TX.