Perseverance is essential in the spiritual life.

We can go through times in the spiritual life when it is a drag. We have to go through the mud. The temptation is to fall into unhealthy behaviour. If you are going to follow the Lord, you are going to experience bad terrain sometimes. There will be times when it is brutal.

There are times in life that we need to accept that it is rough terrain and you can’t drive at 100 km/h. You experience the mud with your tires spinning and engine overheating. That is part of the spiritual life.

Seminaries are not teaching priests how to lead. They are not teaching them the practical skills needed to lead teams of people, to form them, and to commission them.

Don’t give up. Keep pressing on. Keep pressing through. The most important thing in the spiritual life is humble, patient perseverance.

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Fr. Bob Bedard, CC Founder had a vision for the Church coming explosively alive! He was deeply convicted that if enough people gave God permission, they would see God take initiatives and supply great renewal for the Church like never seen before. 

The Permission Movement is being re-awakened in Advent 2022!

Join us for Permission: The Series. This series of four talks will inspire and equip you to be more explosively alive in your faith.


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