Fr. J.P. Bolger, CC as chaplain at CCY (Catholic Community at York University), effective Aug. 1, 2022, and in residence at St. Timothy’s household.

Fr. Daren Bryk, CC as pastor of St. Teresa of Calcutta Parish in the Diocese of Saint John, New Brunswick, which includes two churches in Sussex and Norton, effective July 26th; living in residence with Bishop Christian and Fr. Dennis in Saint John. 

To be Fr. Joshua Grandmaison, CC as assistant pastor of Annunciation Parish in Ottawa, effective Aug. 1st. His ordination will be on June 4th in Ottawa.

To be Fr. Juan Pablo Orozco, CC as assistant director of the Catholic Charismatic Center in Houston, effective Aug. 1st. His ordination will be on June 25th in Houston

Fr. Rob Arsenault, CC, while remaining pastor at Annunciation Parish, will act, part-time, as an episcopal vicar for pastoral services for the Archdiocese of Ottawa with a focus on helping parishes become centres of evangelization, effective Aug. 1st.

Fr. Jerry Gauvreau, CC, assisting part-time at St. Hedwig Church in Barry’s Bay, effective since March.

Pastoral Internships beginning in September:
  • Sebastian Muggeridge to St. Benedict Parish, Halifax
  • Michael Horianopoulos to St. Maurice Parish, Ottawa
  • Tim Silver to Queen of Peace Parish, Houston
The following are household moves:
  • Fr. David Bergeron, CC to Annunciation household
  • Fr. Dennis Hayes, CC to St. John, New Brunswick
  • Fr. Allan MacDonald, CC to St. Maurice’s household
  • Fr. Francis Donelly, CC to St. Mary’s household
  • Fr. Jerry Gauvreau, CC to Assumption Farm household
  • Fr. Lawrence Hyginus, CC to St. Mary’s household

Fr. Ben St. Croix, CC has been granted a sabbatical leave, effective June 1, 2022-July 1, 2023, to assist the Queenship of Mary Community in supervising the construction of their new residence about an hour east of Ottawa.