Homily begins at 25:40.

When we embrace the cross we are embracing a contradiction. The cross, upon which Jesus was crucified, is in fact a contradiction.

When we look at the Cross we see the worst of what humanity has to offer. We see what humanity is capable of doing to an innocent human being.

At the very same time, it is the meeting place of the best of what God has to offer us. It is where the values of eternity clash with the values of this world.

The cross reveals the ugliness that is often hidden in the human heart. Yet, it also reveals the depth to which God is willing to go in pursuit of the human heart.

No matter where we find ourselves, nothing is beyond the redeeming force of God’s love.

The Cross is a symbol of victory, God’s conquest. The love of God has transformed the cross into the symbol of the victorious. There is nothing that can prevent the love of God. This is a day of celebration.