Seminarian Daniel Ramos made his lifetime promises to the Companions of the Cross on Saturday, June 11 in our Chapel at Assumption Farm in Combermere, ON. Please keep Daniel and all our seminarians in your prayers as they continue their journey to the priesthood.

“Last weekend, I made perpetual promises to become a lifetime member of the Companions of the Cross, in anticipation of being ordained a #Catholic deacon this August (Vancouver) and a priest in spring/summer 2023 (Ottawa).

“This is a big step for me to commit my life to this calling that God has placed on my life, especially after years of ups and downs and wrestling with uncertainties. But, wow, is God ever faithful to His promise of fullness of life!

“What I know for certain is that there is no more fulfilling and satisfying life than one with #Jesus in it. And this is true for EVERY person, whether ordained, married, single or otherwise. Only Jesus can fill that deep hunger of the human heart that nothing in the world can seem to satisfy. I know because I’ve been there. Will you let Him show you?” (Daniel Ramos, CC Seminarian)

Daniel Ramos, CC Seminarian