How do you respond when there is chaos in your life?

We can be steadfast in the midst of the chaos around us because Jesus has conquered. We are living for the glory that is to come in Heaven.

Distance yourself from the world and take that extra time and spend it with the Lord. Take a break from the constant influx of all the negativity in the world. Here are some ideas of what to do with the free time you will have as you take a break from the negativity of the world:

  1. Go to adoration.
  2. Go to Mass more frequently.
  3. Listen to praise and worship music.
  4. Read the Bible.

When we realize that Jesus is with us, we can go out and bring peace to the chaos of the world. We can go out and bring the love of Christ with us.

When we listen to Jesus, we will be steadfast in the midst of the chaos. The world might be chaotic. But we don’t have to be. We can rest in Jesus. Out of that peace he gives us, we can go out and impact the world with him.