Dear Lord,
What are ways where I limit the power of God? What are ways where I limit your compassion? What are the areas in my life where I don’t let you speak into my life?

Limit his Power

What are the ways you have limited God? Allow the voice of Jesus to speak into your reality. God is victorious over all that can separate us from him. There is nothing that is beyond his grasp. Look at the areas in your life where you have written the results off and take a leap of faith in the Lord.

Limit his Compassion

God does care. He does understand. He knows. He weeps. He’s there with us in our deep dark sufferings. He journeys through it with us.

Limit his Life Giving Intimacy

When Jesus speaks into our hearts and calls us to a greater life in the Spirit, let him speak over you and speak life into your life. Come out of that tomb in whatever way we have been living in mediocrity or sinful patterns. Jesus is saying to you, “Come out!”