Journey with Fr. Bob Bedard, founder of the Companions of the Cross, through Holy Week.

Passion/Palm Sunday

What is our response as we make our pilgrimage to Calvary? Are we satisfied with our response during Lent? There is still time; here are four things we can do:

  1. Prayer – Spend some extra time in quiet prayer before the Lord this week.
  2. Fasting – We are called to fast on Good Friday.
  3. Challenge – Allow God to challenge us.
  4. Shake one unfamiliar hand next weekend.
H057 Side A and B – March 17, 1991 – Year B
Monday of Holy Week

Our relationship with Jesus is number one. It may not be practical, but it is the thing that really counts.

WH06 – Side A – April 13, 1987 – The first minute is missing.
Tuesday of Holy Week

Allow Jesus to love you. Take down the barriers and allow him to love you to the fullest.

WH06 – Side A – April 14, 1987
Wednesday of Holy Week

Coming to terms with Jesus is the number one thing we must do in this life.

WH06 – Side A/B April 15, 1987
Mass of the Lord’s Supper (Holy Thursday)

Jesus Christ, the true living person in the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle, is an incredible gift. Let us thank the Lord!

H239-sideA – April 9, 1998 – Year C
Good Friday

We are here because we believe that Jesus was the Son of God. The purpose of life is to find our way to God. Jesus can draw you to himself. He can change your life. You have only to let him.

H096 – Side A – April 9, 1993 – Year A
Easter – A Tall and Impressive Looking Chap

Are you willing to take the Good News to others in your life? Will you ask the Lord to open doors for you to share your faith with others?

We can’t sit on what we have received.

H120 Side A and B – April 3, 1994 – Year B