Starts at 29:00.

Zacchaeus heard something that gave him new possibilities.

He could receive healing. He heard the name of Jesus. He heard the stories about Jesus. He knew this guy is special. He could do something about meeting him. He could actively engage in connecting with him.

Zacchaeus was willing to risk looking foolish so he might gain Christ.

When we know Jesus in a personal way we are not afraid of taking risks, of looking like a fool.

Today’s Gospel reminds us that we are being asked stand at the foot of the cross when everyone else is running away. Only a fool would do this. Are you willing to be foolish for Christ? Are you willing to share this message with someone else?

Having experienced Jesus, we want and need to share him with others.

Be on mission. Share the Good News.

Lord, help us to see opportunities where we can be authentic witnesses of the Gospel.