Grace flows downward.

In the kingdom of Heaven it is those who are seen as the least in the eyes of the world who are great in the eyes of God.

Take the lowest place. In fact, race to the lowest place because that is where the grace is. God is constantly pouring out his grace and his life and it flows to the lowest place. While people are racing to the top in this world, Jesus is saying, ‘race to the bottom’.

Grace flows downward.

There are many ways we can take the lowest place.

  • Do the best job when no one is looking.
  • Be more curious about other people than giving updates about ourselves.
  • Resist the urge to post the perfect selfie.
  • Do the job no one else wants to do.

One of the graces we receive, when we cultivate this gift of humility, is that we begin to forget about ourselves all together. As a result, we can give ourselves more freely to those around us. Humility helps us get there.