Questions from 5yrs old grandson :

  1. Is heaven real?
  2. Where is it?
  3. Is it on Earth?
  4. Can we see loved ones in heaven? (I explained that once people passed, and if they lived a good, kind life, they go to heaven to join God and Jesus)
  5. Is heaven between Earth and space ?
  6. Is God and Jesus the same person ?
  7. Can we see the people once they die? (We explain that they exist in our memory, in our hearts, in photos, but they become guardian angels to watch over the people they love who are still living on this earth.)
  1. Yes. Heaven is very real. In fact, it is more real than the world we see.
    You know, what we can see is only the physical world, a small part of the whole creation that God made. There is the spiritual world, the invisible world where heaven is, where God and the angels are.
  2. 2 & 3. His invisible world is right here. And heaven is where God’s love is celebrated. It is not a different place far away from us. It is just a deeper place, deeper than the visible reality we see, that is far greater than this physical universe.
    For example: you see your Mom and Dad. You can tell where they are and what they are doing. But what you can see does not tell you everything that you know of them. You know they love you. And over time you will discover far more about the wonderful people they are that you can’t see and that you don’t know right now. Now that’s a deeper reality, an invisible world that is spiritual, right here in this world, but deeper. And when you get to know the love and goodness a person has, you would agree that this hidden world of good is far more real than the visible world that we can only see.
  3. See 2.
  4. Of course. When we pass on from this life, we will have the ability to see this spiritual world. We will come to realize that all our life, we have always been surrounded by angels and the presence of God. And so of course, when we do get to heaven, all the good people will be there. Not only will we see them, but we will see them more clearly than we could ever able to in this life, as we will see also their entire spiritual reality. But even greater than that, we will be able to see God as He is, along with the fullness of His love and glory that will fulfill all our desires and make us so happy.
  5. As I said, heaven is everywhere but deeper. Heaven is not limited between earth and space. More accurately, compared to heaven, the whole earth and the entire universe, is like the shadow of a tree, occupying a space in heaven less than a grain of sand.
  6. Ah, Jesus, and his Father and the Holy Spirit are deeply united into one reality of love, which is God. So yes, Jesus is God, Father is God, Holy Spirit is God; yet together there is only one God because they are so completely one.