If by saying praying to the saints you mean worshipping them, then absolutely the Catholic Church rejects such practice. It would be idolatry and is offensive to the Lord.

But if you mean praying to them as imploring them to pray for us, or to pray with us, as we would do the same with our family and friends on earth, then it is not adolatry at all. You may read my full answer here:

As to your question about whether having statues and pictures of the saints or Jesus or God be breaking the commandment on creating images in the Ten Commandments, note that this is an old question that was already resolved in the Second Council of Nicaea in 787 on the heresy of iconoclasm. It is not a “Catholic” problem at all, but central to Christianity. The Protestants just forgot it has been debated. I suggest that you read up on the old iconoclasm debate first.

Here are some points for thought:

While the Ten Commandments and throughout the Old Testament there were many instances of the injunction against creating graven images of things on earth or in the heavens, there were also several instances where God explicitly required the Israelites to create them: the copper serpent in the desert during the rebellion,the Meeting Tent and the tabernacle as a copy of the heavenly one. This means that God does not mean He is forbidding the creation of all images, but only insofar as it may lead to idolatry. The severity of this injunction bears witness to the fact that before Christ who made God visible, people were prone to worship many gods and regularly mistakenly identify statues with their gods. The injunction is therefore necessary in order to train the Israelites not to attach to that confusion…