I am going through a period of bad lust and going further away from God, and my desire to become a Priest becomes less and less. I am 17 years old and I have been dating a girl for a while now. We are falling into deep lust now. We are both practicing Catholics, but because of this I feel like we are falling away from the faith. I think I have lost my virginity, but I don’t want to go deep into that. My question is, how can we overcome this and come back to the faith holier.


For the two of you, your occasion of sin is being in a private enclosed space. This is your occasion of sin, meaning that when the two of you are in an enclosed private space, your tendency to fall into lust is very high and that you do not have the strength to fight it. You must therefore help one another to commit to never to enter in an enclosed private space. Plan all your activities in a public space. And if you were to travel together, invite others to travel along. Never spend a night in the same room. Your history proved that you did not have the resolve to resist the temptation. Then avoid it.

Prayer however remains your main program. Since both of you are Catholics, every time you meet, pray first. Specifically, in your prayer ask God to keep you both pure and to be there not to tempt one another, but to protect one another from falling. Lust is the opposite of love: it objectifies and demeans the other; it uses the other to gratify and it reduces the other to the merely physical level. In the long run, frequent falling to lust short circuits the space for deeper listening and understanding, depriving and disabling your ability to know and receive the person as you become too used to stopping with merely the bodies. That’s not love. That’s usage, both using the other and using yourself. The person is degraded.

Lastly, check out Christopher West. He is the well-known teacher and popularizer of the Theology of the Body…