Homily begins at 23:45.

Why did Zacchaeus have to climb the tree? Zaccheaus climbed a tree out of curiosity, out of an eagerness to see Jesus. He also climbed the tree because he couldn’t see.

As a church, we can be like the crowd that surrounds Jesus. We can be so focused on Jesus, and what we are asking him, that we forget about those who are outside of the crowd.

We can become a barrier to those who are looking for God.

What intentional things can we do to provide opportunities for people to come to know Jesus? What trees can we plant that can help people come to know the Lord?

May we go out and welcome people in. When people come, may we not dismiss them or judge them because they look different or act differently.

Let us plant trees for people to run to and climb. Let us go out as a crowd and invite people in.