Whenever life becomes about seeking or increasing the number of possessions we have we are robbed of peace and our capacity for happiness.

The sin of greed is actually making us miserable. The truth about greed is that it is a lie. How do we guard against it?

  1. Begin with repentance and conversion. A change of mind that leads to a change of lifestyle. A change of thought leads to a change of actions. Reorient yourself toward the truth and live in that truth. We should do this daily, recognize that all is God’s and all is a gift from God. When we do this we can live differently.
  2. Live different and recognize that all is a gift from God. When we begin recognizing everything as a gift from God we begin living differently. Live with gratitude and generosity.

If you struggle with the symptoms of affluenza, begin by repenting and recognizing that all is a gift from God.

Generosity and gratitude are the antidotes we need in this world of affluenza. The happiest people are the most generous and the ones who are most thankful. They live each day without the exhausting thoughts of affluenza. They don’t feel jealous or insecure. They spend more time thinking about how to give than increasing what they have.