Homily begins at 47:05.

True redemption is not behaviour management. True redemption is not how well you behave. The Gospel is not about behaving well. The Gospel is about being transformed in the power of the Holy Spirit in the love of God.

Being transformed means we no longer do the things that are dark and evil because our hearts are drawn to the good and to righteousness. You begin to live in the discipline of the Lord.

Let go of the old mentality. Let go of the ideas of the world and be filled with the ideas of God. When we know we are going to Haven we need to start thinking like Heaven with heavenly thoughts.

If we do not fight and strive to leave it all behind, we are in danger. What areas in our lives are flirting with sin and evil doing. Make a strong commitment to stop and cut that out of your lives. Make decisions and choices that reflection your desire for Heaven.