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Companions of the Cross

“Doing little things with great love.”
Meet Fr. David Bergeron, CC here!

Fr. Allan with Daniel, Chris, Brenton, Joshua, and Juan Pablo

Ministry of Candidacy Mass

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On September 17, 2017, five Companions of the Cross seminarians received the ministry of Candidacy.


The World the Woman Loves

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“The key to understanding Mary is this – We do not start with Mary – We start with Christ, the Son of the Living God.”

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

United with Christ in Temptation

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“Brothers and sisters, as you endure temptation, unite yourself with Christ, the tempted Christ in the desert. Allow him to give you victory.” 

Fr. Francis Ching Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis:

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The following is an excerpt from

Fr. Bob Bedard Journalling

Forgiveness is not a Feeling

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“The reconciliation, when finished, has to be lived out. We have to be able to become friends and talk again, even to spend time together. In a very real way, it is true that,...

Fr. Allan MacDonald Portrait

Busy Doing What?

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We have many things to keep us busy? Are we busy about the Lord's work. Are we saying "Yes" to His invitation to the wedding banquet?

Fr. Sean Wenger Portrait

Two Invitations

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There are 2 invitations and 2 yes' that God awaits for from you. 

Fr. Jim Lowe Portrait

He Begins to Move Mountains

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When we give everything to the Lord, every single day, he begins to move mountains, he begins to level valleys, and he begins to make straight our paths.

Fr. Dennis Hayes Portrait

Are we too Busy?

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Are we too indifferent or caught up in life to reach out?

Gone are the days when we used to have our names written on the pews. However, are there some...