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Companions of the Cross

"And a voice came from the heavens,
'You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.'"

-Mk 1: 11


I Will Follow

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Discern a vocation with the Companions of the Cross.

Nathan and Kevin working outside

What Are You Looking For?

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For all those young adults who are in the midst of discerning their vocation, I encourage you to honestly surrender to the Lord’s will for your life. As Psalm 37 says, “Take...

The Bedardian Catholic Photo

Eyes of Faith

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We must take a closer look at Calvary with the eyes of faith to understand how the Cross is in reality the victory of God’s love from beginning to end.

Fr. Pierre Ingram Portrait Catholic Photo

Get Off Your Fishing Boat!

Homily /  

There is only one thing that can bring about a good and hopeful future for humanity and that is the Kingdom of God.

Fr. Tim Devine Portrait Catholic Photo

Get Out There

Homily /  

Pray for the courage to get out there.

Portrait of Fr. David Bergeron Catholic Photo

St. Francis De Sales

Homily /  

The call to holiness is universal. It is a universal vocation.

Portrait of Fr. Mark Goring Catholic Photo

Self Mastery 9 - Individual Approach

Homily /  

What for one person is medicine, for another person is poison.

Portrait of Fr. Mark Goring Catholic Photo

Self Mastery 8 - Do You Really Love Me?

Homily /  

If you think you have a dependence on something try giving it up for a day or two to test and see what you are made of?

Fr. Sean Wenger Portrait Catholic Photo

The Offer

Homily /  

We have to go out. We need a pastoral conversion, everything has to be mission orientated.