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Companions of the Cross

Fr. Francis Ching Portrait

Ask Fr. Francis: What is the spirit of Fasting?

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On the days of fasting such as Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, in Canada, Catholics aged 18-59 are bound to fast; those 14 and older to abstinence. My mom is over 60 so she does...

Fr. Simon with Holy Spirit chasuble

The Role of the Holy Spirit

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The Holy Spirit makes all things new, and is ushering in a new Springtime for the Church

Dan Potvin Portrait

The Joy of Stewardship - Prayer, Patience, and Perseverance

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When you are weak, seek God’s unconditional mercy and He will give you strength. And, with hope and joy, persevere in your journey to being the best disciple and steward you...

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Don't Squander Inner Delight

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In accordance with our state in life being chaste and pure somehow gives a radiance, energy, and ability to make a gift of ourselves to others. 

Seminarian Brenton and Bishop Scott

Why You Should Want the Gift of Tongues

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“All of a sudden, I found myself praying with greater intensity, in words and sounds I could not understand, and as best as I can describe, my prayer was being articulated from...

Fr. Kenneth Lao portrait

Cleansed By Jesus

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Jesus can and choose to make us clean. 

Three Points of the Homily:

1. Shame of Leprosy

In our gospel today, we see the plight of the shame of the leper....

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We are Here to Receive and Help Heal the Broken

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What do we do when things are broken? We fix them. Did Jesus fix the leper? What did Jesus do for him?

The Bedardian Photo

We Need an Awakening

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We have all been called, qualified and sent to evangelize. In practice, however, there doesn’t seem to be much of it happening. Perhaps, we need an awakening in the Holy Spirit...

Fr. Mark Goring Portrait

Traditional Mass?

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What is the tradition of the Mass?