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Companions of the Cross

The reign of life has begun, the tyranny of death is ended.

-Saint Gregory of Nyssa, bishop

Fr. Allan MacDonald

Everyone Who Belongs to the Truth Listens to My Voice (John 18: 37)

Homily /  

It is in the silence that God speaks to us. If we are not able to be silent how can we hear what God is saying to us? 

Fr. Sean Wenger Portrait Catholic Photo

Jesus Is Champion

Homily /  

We need to pray.

Fr. Pierre Ingram Portrait Catholic Photo

Who's On The Throne?

Homily /  

The Kingdom of Jesus is spread one soul at a time and it has to begin why my soul first.

Fr. Bob Praising

What is the Church's Mission?

Blog Post /  

Evangelization is key to the renewal of the Church. We want to see a renewed Church.

Portrait of Fr. Mark Goring Catholic Photo

Screamo Music

Homily /  

We are made to be filled with Heavenly joy. Joy is meant to come down from Heaven and fill every human heart. 

Portrait of Fr. Mark Goring Catholic Photo

Make a Psalm Your Own

Homily /  

What psalms have you made your own?

Portrait of Fr. Mark Goring Catholic Photo

How to Dress for Mass

Homily /  

We need to show reverence for God all the time.

Portrait of Fr. Mark Goring Catholic Photo

Baseline of Delight

Homily /  

Lord, give them heavenly wisdom and grace!

Fr. Kenneth Lao Portrait

If Jesus Comes Today Are You Ready?

Homily /  

Live every day as if today is the day when the world will end.