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Who We Are

The Companions of the Cross was founded in 1985 by Rev. Robert Bedard, CC. In 2003 we were established as a Society of Apostolic Life.

We are a Roman Catholic community of priests committed to living and ministering together as brothers in the Lord. God has called us to labour boldly for the renewal of the Church through a dynamic evangelization centered upon Christ crucified, who is God’s power and wisdom. Spurred on by the love of God, we desire all people to come into the fullness of life through a personal and ongoing encounter with Jesus Christ.

Learn more about our history, our beloved Founder, and our community of priests.

As Companions of the Cross we root ourselves in:

Love for Christ Crucified, a Spirituality of God’s power and wisdom

  • Jesus’s death on the Cross and Resurrection saved the world. Therefore, we fully commit ourselves to him; seek his will in all we do; and trust in his power to do it. Read more

Love for One Another, a Life of True Brotherhood

  • We base ourselves on the model of Jesus and his disciples, who lived together, ministered together, and supported one another. Read more

Love for the Church, a Mission of Evangelization and Renewal

  • We invite all people into an initial and ongoing encounter with Jesus. As we are transformed by his love, we bring about authentic renewal in the Church and world. Read more

Introducing The Companions of the Cross


Mission, Ministry, and Spirituality (Companions of the Cross Texas)