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“The new evangelization requires priest who are bold and courageous leaders. The Companions of the Cross are recruiting, forming, and sending out that kind of leader. Our priests are humble yet bold, with a passion and zeal that is attractive. They are down-to-earth and filled with joy.” –2017 Pentecost Appeal

Fr. Bob Bedard Celebrating Mass

Welcome to the Vocations pages, the Community in greater detail! As our founder, Fr. Bob, used to say, it’s an exciting and challenging time to be a priest today!


As brothers, we don’t simply share a roof or an address—we share our lives. We know that before we can do anything together, we have to be something together. We strive to live in genuine fraternal love and support.

The blessing of being a Companion of the Cross is that you have brothers to live and minister with, who will both support and challenge you. To be a Companion of the Cross is not easy, but in the community you will encounter other Simons of Cyrene who will help you carry your cross if you both admit and accept your own, and if you ask for help and allow your brothers to help you.


As Companions of the Cross, we desire to receive fully the grace of the New Pentecost, to become familiar with all the ways of the Holy Spirit, and to exercise all of the particular charisms he may wish to give us.

Many of our times together take place before the Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, either reserved in the tabernacle or exposed on the altar.

Mary is the first and perfect companion of the Cross. We desire to imitate her as the model of Christian discipleship, and to honour her as our Mother and Queen.


“To be Companions of the Cross means to follow Christ all the way to Calvary, to stand faithfully with him as did his Mother and the Beloved Disciple, and then to boldly proclaim Christ Crucified, the power and wisdom of God (1 Cor 1:24).”

Our main charism as a community is the New Evangelization, to which Pope Blessed John Paul II exhorted the whole Church. Those who join our community will not only learn the theory of evangelization, they will be equipped to practice it, and will gain hands-on experience throughout their years of formation.

“A man offers his humanity to Christ, so that Christ may use him as an instrument of salvation, making him as it were into another Christ...a young man, hearing the words "Follow me!," can give up everything for Christ in the certainty that if he follows this path, he will find complete personal fulfillment.” –Pope John Paul II

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