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Servants of the Cross

In June 2003, Sr. Anna Chan answered the call to found a sisterhood which would incarnate the spirituality that was given to Fr. Bob Bedard.

The heart of their mission is to spread the message of the Gospel through a dynamic evangelization.  They feel called to labour boldly for the renewal of the Church that all people will come into fullness of life through a personal ongoing encounter with Jesus Christ.

As sisters in the Lord, they see their life together as a gift.  They strive to build strong sisterly relationships with one another because it is in their commitment to their relationships from which their ministry of evangelization flows.

Although we are to be a body committed to the active ministry of the Church, we believe that we will be defined, not so much by the ministry we undertake, but rather by the quality of the life that we will live together.  Before we will be able to do anything worthwhile for the Lord together, we will have to be something good together.  (Fr. Bob Bedard, We are called to be Companions of the Cross, 1994)

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