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“As throughout history, when God wants to effect change, he looks around for some people who are willing to do whatever he says. To those he finds, he gives a vision, a way to make changes. We believe we’ve caught something of what God is saying to the Church about the priesthood in our day. We’re trying to live it out. That’s why he’s sending the men.”
–Fr. Bob Bedard, CC Founder

Forming passion priests for the new evangelization.

The First annual Seminarian Cup

The seminarian cup is an opportunity for our parish community to actively engage in supporting Companions of the Cross seminarians.

What is the Seminarian Cup?

The seminarian cup is a fun and interactive way for Companions of the Cross parishes to engage in a little competition between parishes. Parishioners contribute to their parish onliny Seminarian Cup fundraising page in an effort to raise the most funds.

How do we win the cup?

The parish which raises the most funds wins the Seminarian Cup.

When is happening?

The competition begins on Friday, February 24th and concludes on Thursday, April 6 (Holy Thursday).

How do I participate?

Scroll down. Find your parish. Click on the button. Make a donation.

What do my donations go toward?

Your donation is directed towards the formation of our seminarians. This includes:

  • Tuition at Sacred Heart Major Seminary
  • Room and Board
  • Formation Team Priests salaries
I don’t go to a Companions of the Cross Parish. How do I participate?

You can still donate to our seminarian appeal. You can make a general donation by clicking here. If you’d like to adopt a seminarian click here.

What is adopting a seminarian?

To adopt a seminarian, you simply make a donation to that seminarian’s fundraising page and pray for that seminarian for a year.

Our priests preach the Word of God with passion, celebrate the sacraments with devotion, and lead with confidence. 

Companions of the Cross Parishes

Saint Benedict Parish
Holy Trinity Parish
St. Mary’s Parish
St. Maurice Parish
Annunciation of the Lord Parish
St. Timothy Parish
St. Scholastica Parish
Queen of Peace Parish
Catholic Charismatic Center

“I see the Church waking up and coming explosively alive to the point where it, with the Holy Spirit, will shake the earth and the nations with its dynamic presence.”

-Fr. Bob Bedard, CC Founder