Frankovich, Fr. Francis

What was your background before you joined the CC?
I had been a Diocesan Priest ordained originally for the Diocese of San Diego in California. When that diocese split, I served in the Diocese of San Bernardino. I had served in four different parishes in those dioceses. In the fourth parish I was the pastor for 11 years. I was then given a year’s sabbatical and went to Uni. of Steubenville for a year working on a Masters in Theological (Christian Ministry and Renewal). Then I was assigned to direct the house of formation that we had for our diocesan seminarians. After two years, having visited the Companions when I was at the Uni. of Steubenville, I requested that the Bishop allow me to spend time with the Companions of the Cross. I had been a priest for 21 years at that time. He granted me a leave to try out the new community of the Companions of the Cross and kept extending this until currently I am a full member of the Companions.

What led you to join this community? 
I had been in the Charismatic Renewal since 1970 and I was looking for a community of priests who were using the charisms of the Holy Spirit was more normative and where there was more priestly support in prayer and ministry. Of all the religious communities that I visited the Companions seemed to be where the Lord was leading me. Each year that I have been with them I have become more convinced that this Community was where the Lord wants me to be.

What kind of ministry are you doing now?
I am currently retired.  I minister mostly to the Spanish-speaking community at the Center and am working a team of people to organize a greater development of the CCHR throughout the Archdiocese. When time permits I do missionary type work. I have been to Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia and soon to Panama.

Catholic Charismatic Center (Houston)