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Our History

God’s plan of salvation was a mystery that had to be revealed (Col 1:26). God is one and three. Jesus is human and divine. The Eucharist looks like one thing but is actually another. None of us would have come up with this on our own. If God is one thing, he is definitely a God of the unexpected, the Lord of surprises.

When Abraham set out, he didn’t know where he would eventually end up. He just followed the Lord’s lead as it was given to him piece by piece. God called individuals and God called groups of people, sending his Spirit upon them. If we follow, we shall marvel as the seed becomes a huge bush, the harvest a hundredfold, and people are filled with joy, blessing, and praise.

Here is the faith adventure of God’s project known as “The Companions of the Cross”. It is an ongoing story. We pray that we may continue to walk and work with our Lord.

You may read about our Origins and Foundations (pdf) in the first chapter of the book 'Embracing the Cross'. You may also learn about becoming a Society of Apostolic Life, and highlights of our history can be seen in the timeline.

See videos below to hear about the early history of the Community, and how we received our name.