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School of Evangelization

Talk 8 - The Lord's Dynamic

In this video Fr. Bob Bedard, Founder of the Companions of the Cross, describes evangelization as the beginning of a person's faith journey, and shows how evangelization employs God's own dynamic.

Evangelization is "A proclamation of the Good News of Christ proclaimed to the world and the Church, in such a way as to elicit, to draw forward an affirmative response from the hearer, so that the Holy Spirit can take over and transform the person who is hearing it to say 'yes' to Christ. It is something that you and I start and that God finishes. It is the power of God going to work and doing what God does best: capturing a human heart for Himself, causing someone to fall in love with Him, which is what He wants. That's what evangelization is."

He tells his personal story of moving from a faith of culture to a faith of conviction - to a faith of experience.

Fr. Bob gives examples of evangelization in action in the classroom and the pulpit through his experiences as a teacher, parish priest, and spiritual father and friend. Finally, he explains the characteristics of an evangelized person

This is talk 8 of 10 in the 'School of Evangelization' formation course presented by the Companions of the Cross.