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School of Evangelization

Talk 2 - The Kerygma

In this video, Fr. Scott McCaig discusses 'The Kerygma' -- the proclamation of the basic Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ. His saving actions, and the coming of the Kingdom of God, which invites the hearers to conversion and eternal salvation. This is the absolute core of the Christian faith - the heart of what it means to be a Christian.

Each part of the Kerygma is discussed in depth: The person of Jesus Christ, The Kingdom of God, Conversion, and Eternal Life.

He also speaks about Pentecost -- and how the outpouring of the Holy Spirit inspires, and backs up, the preaching of the Gospel¬. "The word is living and active because it is backed by a 'demonstration of the Spirit and power' (1 Cor 2:4).

This is talk 2 of 10 in the 'School of Evangelization' formation course presented by the Companions of the Cross.