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School of Evangelization

Talk 10 - Charisms and Evangelization II

In this video Fr. Scott McCaig continues to discuss specific ways the Holy Spirit empowers us to carry out this mission of evangelization -- through particular 'charisms' of the Holy Spirit.

He discusses:

  • Lifestyle Charisms: Celibacy, Faith, Missionary, Voluntary Poverty.
  • Healing/Sign/Power charisms: Healing, Intercessory Prayer, Miracles, Deliverance, Power Evangelism
  • Charisms of Understanding: Knowledge, Wisdom, Discernment of Spirits
  • Creative charisms: Craftsmanship, Music, Writing

Fr. Scott exhorts all people to use our gifts, as they authenticate the Gospel and are a means for others to encounter God. He explains ways to discover and grow in your personal gifts. He also imparts wisdom on discerning the authenticity of charisms.

"Come, Holy Spirit, and make ever more fruitful the charisms you have bestowed on us. Give new strength and missionary zeal to these sons and daughters of yours who have gathered here. Open their hearts; renew their Christian commitment to the world. Make them courageous messengers of the bGospel, witnesses to the risen Jesus Christ, the Redeemer and Saviour of man. Strengthen their love and their fidelity to the Church." (Pope John Paul II, Meeting with Ecclesial Movements, Pentecost 1998, 9)

This is talk 10 of 10 in the 'School of Evangelization' formation course presented by the Companions of the Cross.