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Novena for the Immaculate Conception

Day 8 - Our Lady of Kibeho

The first two years of the apparitions at Kibeho (1982 and 1983) constitute a decisive period for whoever wishes to know what happened and form an opinion. In fact it was during these two years that significant events were produced. These made Kibeho known and caused crowds to flock there. It was always in that period that the fundamental elements of the message of Kibeho were communicated and recapitulated and the apparitions of the major part of the first visionaries ended:

An urgent call to repentance and to the conversion of hearts: “Repent, repent, repent!” “Convert your heart while there is still time.” A diagnosis of the moral state of the world: “The world is very unwell.” “The world races to its loss, it risks falling into the abyss, which means it will be immersed in innumerable and unceasing tragedies. The world is in rebellion against God. Too many sins are committed in it. There is neither love nor peace.” “If you don’t repent and don’t convert your hearts, you will all fall into the abyss.”

The Virgin’s deep sadness: The seers were really surprised to see her weeping on August 15th, 1982 (the apparition wherein she predicted the genocide and showed the visionaries what it would look like). The Mother of the Word is strongly afflicted because of the incredulity and the impenitence of the human beings. She complains about our bad behaviour characterized by dissolution of morality, dissensions, complaisance in evil and continual disobedience to the commandments of God.